Femdom Prostate Milking

    prostate milking

  • Prostate massage is the massage or stimulation of the male prostate gland for sexual stimulation or medical purposes.


  • Female dominance (or Femdom) is those BDSM relationships and BDSM scenes in which the dominant partner is female. Often a dominant woman, she may be prefer to be called a domme , femdomme, domina, dominatrix, or dom, depending on context or personal preference.
  • female domination, a paraphilia in which women dominate men

femdom prostate milking

femdom prostate milking – The Exam

The Exam
The Exam
A short story about a closeted sissy who goes to the doctor for what is supposed to be a routine follow up to look at a rash on his arm. Thinking he will be in an out of the doctor’s office in five minutes, sissy wears pretty lingerie under his business suit as he normally would.

During the exam, the doctor grows concerned that sissy is having side effects to the medication the doctor prescribed, and is especially concerned that there could be damage to the reproductive organs. The doctors tells his patient to fully disrobe so he can examine his reproductive organs and collect a sperm sample, only to discover sissy’s secret-lingerie and a chastity cage!

The doctor calls for the assistance of his pretty nurse to finish the exam and to collect the sperm sample the only way they can-milking the sissy. Sissy learns to enjoy things never imagined!

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle
Aperture- F4.3
Focal length- 60 mm
Shutter speed- 1/159 sec.
ISO- 200
Milk thistles are thistles of the genus Silybum Adans., flowering plants of the daisy family (Asteraceae). They are native to the Mediterranean regions of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The name "milk thistle" derives from two features of the leaves: they are mottled with splashes of white and they contain a milky sap. However, it is the seeds of milk thistle that herbalists have used for 2000 years to treat chronic liver disease and protect the liver against toxins. Increasing research is being undertaken on the physiological effects, therapeutic properties and possible medical uses of milk thistle.
Members of this genus grow as annual or biennial plants. Only two species are currently classified in this genus: Silybum eburneum Coss. "Dur., known as the Silver Milk Thistle, Elephant Thistle, or Ivory Thistle."
Silybum eburneum Coss. "Dur. var. hispanicum Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertner, the Blessed Milk Thistle," which has a large number of other common names, such as Variegated Thistle.
The two species hybridise naturally, the hybrid being known as Silybum × gonzaloi Cantó , Sánchez Mata" Rivas Mart. (S. eburneum var. hispanicum x S. marianum).
A number of other plants have been classified in this genus in the past but have since been relocated elsewhere in the light of additional research.
For many centuries extracts of milk thistle have been recognized as "liver tonics." Research into the biological activity of silymarin and its possible medical uses has been conducted in many countries since the 1970s, but the quality of the research has been uneven. Milk thistle has been reported to have protective effects on the liver and to greatly improve its function. It is typically used to treat liver cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis (liver inflammation), toxin-induced liver damage (including the prevention of severe liver damage from Amanita phalloides (death cap) mushroom poisoning), and gallbladder disorders. Reviews of the literature covering clinical studies of silymarin vary in their conclusions. A review using only studies with both double-blind and placebo protocols concluded that milk thistle and its "derivative" does not seem to significantly influence the course of patients with alcoholic and/or hepatitis B or C "liver diseases." A different review of the literature, performed for the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, found that, while there is strong evidence of legitimate medical benefits, the studies done to date are of such uneven design and quality that no firm conclusions about degrees of effectiveness for specific conditions or appropriate dosage can yet be made. Because of the Agricultural boom, plants like the milk thistle are regarded as "just weeds" and disregarded; however, as you can see, they have medicinal value, not to mention the fact that because they flower, there is obviously a purpose for them concerning other living species such as, insects.
A review of studies of silymarin and liver disease which are available on the web shows an interesting pattern in that studies which tested low dosages of silymarin concluded that silymarin was ineffective, while studies which used significantly larger doses concluded that silymarin was biologically active and had therapeutic effects.
Research suggests that milk thistle extracts both prevent and repair damage to the liver from toxic chemicals and medications. Milk thistle can prevent Amanita mushroom poisoning damage if given within 48 hours.
Other uses: Beside benefits for liver disease and treatment claims include:
Used as a post (oral steroid) cycle therapy for body builders and/or in the hopes of reducing or eliminating liver damage.
Lowering cholesterol levels.
Reducing insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes who also have cirrhosis.
Reducing the growth of cancer cells in breast, cervical, and prostate cancers.
Used in many products claiming to reduce the effects of a hangover.
Used by individuals withdrawing from opiates, especially during the Acute Withdrawal Stage.
Used by those taking oral steroids.

I Moust – Ache You a Serious Question

I Moust - Ache You a Serious Question
This is movember and do you know someone or have you experienced prostate cancer yourself?Well show support this month by raising money or donating to your local prostate foundation. Early detection saves LIVES!

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femdom prostate milking

Sonic Prostate Massager
The Sonic Prostate Massager device is a portable vibrating massager designed for soothing of the prostate gland and rectal muscles by creating stimulating vibrations. Learn more at: http://www.prostate-health-center.com/prostate-massager.php It is better than uncomfortable doctor visits. While you still must visit a doctor to get a proper diagnosis, nobody enjoys the process of going to see a doctor and have him put on the rubber gloves and administer prostate massages as a treatment. The non-awkward way, non-invasive alternative is a do it yourself way! Isn’t that how men prefer to deal with their problems? It is non-surgical! Sometimes surgery is the only way to relieve pain and swelling, but let’s not even let our body get to that phase. Preventative prostate care is the way to avoid hospitals! It is more effective than exercises! We are not telling you not to work out or play sports, please do! However the 2-3 minutes of this ultimate exercise is equal to hours spent at the gym. While sports help your entire muscle system, prostate massage focuses specifically on the problem area and doesn’t require much of your time!